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C.A.R.E. Certification in the workplace; transforming resources into partners! 3 day seminar $495 (per person).

When it comes to efficient delivery in the workplace, we get in our own way. We’re really good at what we do, but we get in our own way trying to deliver. I've been in the information technology field since 1973. Since that time there has been so much change in the technology we use; unbelievable mind boggling off the charts change. However not much change in our day to day and often times toxic behavior. It's time for this to change too!

C.A.R.E. is the award winning acronym for Courage to take Action Relevant to Everyone.  This seminar has been long endorsed for content, presentation and market need by one of the premier seminar/training organizations in the country. When Corporations understand the investment value of employees being C.A.R.E. certified in the workplace, it will then become required training. Investment value like talent retention, results delivered collaboratively and teams functioning as shared leaders of the company.  Imagine the workplace then! 

Execute tasks assigned and you're a resource. Share in the success of your project, team or company and you're a partner. C.A.R.E. certified in the workplace transforms resources into partners; self appointed leaders of themselves, delivering results for the good of the organization but not at the expense of others. That means if you have a solution to a problem but that solution will have a negative impact somewhere else in the organization; you simply find another strategy and (yes) even if it means project delay. 

My vision is walking into a meeting and seeing everyone in attendance wearing the C.A.R.E. certified pin. This tells me immediately the potential of delivering efficient results on time, on budget and most important not at the expense of others.

When results are achieved at the expense of others; whether it's thru bullying, undermining, unreasonable demands, and insensitive communication...the results will be tainted.  However when care (or C.A.R.E.) is the motive, teamwork and leadership become one and results delivered will hold up over time. Imagine the workplace then!   

Let's find the time to spend twenty (20) minutes together to review this 3 day seminar; review the features, benefits and value of C.A.R.E. certification. You'll be doing a great service for your organization, you'll be making a difference even as 1 person.   

Thanks, (20 minutes)

Charles A. Lobosco; Co-founder; The Visionop Group LLC,
C.A.R.E., Scrum and seminar leader certified.

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C.A.R.E. is Courage to take Action Relevant to Everyone