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Previously, the C.A.R.E. Certification in the worklpace seminar has only been available through company sponsored events at the cost of $495 per seminar attendee. 

However, now YOU can purchase this semiar and complete it on you own time.  There are two purchase options:

  1.  Purchase the complete C.A.R.E. Certification the workplace seminar all; six modules for $349.95 (The best value)

  2.  Purchase the modules individually:

Use Paypal to order the complete seminar or the modules of your choice.  
Module descriptions listed below

Module Descriptions:

Module one:  Introduction, Overview and Profiles; defining and delivering your elevator pitch and learning the 55/38/7 rule.   $79.95.  Module one also includes the actual workbook binder and some instruction on how to self video your dellivery so it can be studied.

Module two: Concerns in the workplace; which ones must be tolerated, which ones must not be tolerated and what can I do as an individaul to improve, reverse and eliminate these concerns while building a better workplace.  $57.95

Module three:  Workplace motive and Mentors; when care (or C.A.R.E.) is the motive then nations can be raised! $57.95

Module four:  C.A.R.E. efficiencey assessments; C.A.R.E. efficiencey must be honestly assessed, factored into project estimates and discussed at length during employee evaluations. $99.95

Module five:  Twenty ways to become C.A.R.E. certified.  #1; work each day as if your entire performance will be shown on the evening news.  $ 57.95

Module  six:  C.A.R.E. certification.  $57.95  (includes the C.A.R.E. pin, the actual signed certificate and the poster)

Upon completion you will become C.A.R.E. Certified in the Workplace.  You will receive the C.A.R.E. certified pin; wear it proudly at work, it will draw teammates to you!.  You wil also receive the C.A.R.E. Certification in the workplace certificate and the C.A.R.E. poster; when C.A.R.E. is the motive, nations can be raised!

Note:  If purchasing the modules separately, it's recommended to complete them sequentially.  When you order module one, you will also recieve the C.A.R.E. certification workbook binder to begin constructing your workbook.  As each module is then purchased, simply add it to your binder.  When all six are purchased, your workbook will be complete just like if received at a company sponsored seminar!

ORDER TODAY; your career will soar just like mine did!!

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