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                For immediate release:  Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva is moving to a new time and a new platform but will maintain the same format, content and mission. The Corporate talk mission is to simply make a difference, make something better in the workplace even as 1 person. Our show airs live Monday 4PM/EDT beginning in June/2014 on the Talk Zone (syndications network) platform.      

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                     Monday 4 PM/EDT /Listener call in 1-888-GO-FOR-IT (1-888-463-6748) 

 Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva is two years running and still picking up steam.  We've been invited back as "regulars" for many years representing "media" at the National Publicity Summit held twice a year in New York City.  While we're certainly proud of the opportunity to represent, we're equally proud of the many talented subject matter experts we meet, learn from and share with our listeners.  Everything you need to know about the show is in the link below.  We're looking forward to hearing from you so please check in and lets collaborate!       

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