IT/Management Consulting and Shared Leadership Training
Agile Scrum Master Certification

                Scrum Master Certification; taking your career to the next level!  

            Classes are 9:00 - 5:00 (EDT) on the 1st weekend of every month

                                  Agile Scrum Master Certification Course price Promotion

                                              Current announced price                      $990

                                            - VisionOp (CSM/Discount)                    $247


                                            Total cost to you                                     $743  (plus tax)

            ALL class content sent upon registration including Shared Leadership Fundamentals!

NOTE: This course is a live, on line, interactive, face-to-face classroom environment.  You'll need your computer/webcam to participate and interact.  Certification exam is live, on line and PROCTORED through VMedu

Any questions email us right now or call us directly; 845.629.6188