C.A.R.E. - Courage to Take Action Relevant to Everyone
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Welcome to Charlie Speaking! 

 I'm Charles Lobosco author of C.A.R.E. - Courage to Take Action Relevant to Everyone: Building a Better Workplace Starts with You!.

Building a better workplace is possible when you become C.A.R.E. certified.  In fact (and discussed at length in my book and seminar), my carefully selected mentors have clearly proven that when C.A.R.E. is the motive, nations can be raised!

I'm not looking to raise a nation, I'm already proud of the one we have thank you.  But I am looking to improve the workplace and by that I mean our relevance in it.  I've been working in the technology field for almost forty years.  I've seen unbelievable, mind boggling, off the charts change in technology over the years but NO change in our day to day (and sometimes toxic) workplace behavior.  This needs to change, our companies need us now more than ever!.  Becoming C.A.R.E. certified in the workplace will establish a new relevance to your present role.  You will no longer be looked upon as just a resource but as a teammate, a relevant teammate.  There's a big difference between the two: execute tasks assigned and you're a resource, but when you actively partcipate in the success of your company and you're a teammate.  While resources are at least considered co workers, relevant teammates are looked upon as partners.  When the going gets tough and your company is faced with some painful downsizing considerations, who do you think will be considered first; the resources or the partners?  

I encourage you to click on the order book tab, then scroll down and order the book.  If C.A.R.E. can raise a nation, as my five selected mentors have proven, imagine what it can do in the workplace! 

I also encourage you to click on the seminar info tab review what's there and then order! The C.A.R.E. Certification in the Workplace seminar is now available for purchase by individual module! 

I guarantee this seminar will take your career to another level just like it did for me.

C.A.R.E. is the Courage to take Action Relevant to Everyone.

When you become C.A.R.E. certified in the workplace, you'll be equipped to have the Courage to take Action Relevant to Everyone. No matter where you work, you will achieve results that will help your entire company without hurting individuals. By applying proven principles, you will join others who have already become go-to people with solid job security. Discover the key elements that will allow you to become C.A.R.E. certified, including: Nine components that must be mastered, How to find mentors, Takeaway tools to maintain your certification and What changes your boss will notice most.  Gain access to real case studies from an expert with almost forty years of experience in the corporate workplace. Learn how others use this method, respond to challenges and are recognized for their efforts. Regardless of the role you perform at your company, it's possible to take immediate action to improve it , become more relevant and even be looked upon as a partner.  All this is possible once you've become C.A.R.E. certified in the workplace.

"There's unlimited opportunity in the workplace today provided you have the right strategy.  C.A.R.E. certification is the right strategy".  -Charliespeaking.