IT/Management Consulting and Shared Leadership Training

Business never sleeps, the pace is fast and the bar is high.  We're here 7X24 with a sense of urgency to help you deliver efficient and scalable results that will hold up over time.  Our model is shared leadership, our products, services and training are unique and we're transforming resources into partners one organization at a time.

Today is Tuesday August 25th and we're open for business.

I'm Charles Lobosco the creator of the award winning C.A.R.E. shared leadership model which if you haven't heard by now is the industry recognized acronym meaning Courage to take Action Relevant to Everyone.  The C.A.R.E. mission is that we use all our collaborative skills, training programs, shared leadership strategies and network of teammates to help us all make a difference in our career, company or business even as one person.

I specialize (but not limited to) the following four areas of expertise:

  1.  Shared Leadership Career training; My award winning C.A.R.E. Certification in the workplace seminar transforms resources into partners. 
  2. On site team building; My 6 weeks to efficient delivery program creates a fast working cadence through collaboration and teamwork.
  3. Non essential IT/Offshore development resource pruning; My 100 day plan will identify non essential offshore IT/developers allowing you to either redeploy to another unfunded project or release and reinvest the save locally.
  4. Agile training, coaching and practice; Certified Agile training for Agile expertise, Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Developer.   Shared leadership delivers faster, smarter and quicker.  Practicing Agile  methodologies promotes shared leadership.  Certification training available for Product Owner, Scrum Master, Developer and general Agile.

 Now offering Agile retrospective meeting facilitation and overall "health checks".  Call for details 845.629.6188

Send me an email, introduce yourself and opt in to future interaction.  I'll send you my watchlist template which is one of the shared leadership tools that I use every day. -Charlie